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How It Works

Why Choose Our Practice?

We believe that cannabis is powerful and can help improve lives. We see and hear about it every day from people all over the country. From the senior citizen to the soccer dad to the businesswoman to the military veteran, they all have stories to share about the positive impact that cannabis has had on their lives. By speaking with our patients about their diagnoses and their medical care, we’ll work together to craft a treatment plan that keeps the patient front and center.

Marijuana Medical’s providers can help navigate you through this new solution in wellness. Learn about medical marijuana and start living a better life.

How It Works


Patient Screening

Go through the screening process by filling out our form, or contact us by phone.


Schedule Appointment

Schedule a virtual or in office appointment.


Appointment Completion

Complete your appointment with one of our medical providers.


Get Certified

Congratulations, you're ready to visit a local dispensary.

Qualifying Conditions

If you are a New York State resident and have medical documentation for a diagnosis of one or more of these conditions, you may be eligible for medical marijuana.

What Qualifies?

How to Register

Patients must first be certified by a registered practitioner.


Registry Identification Card

A Registry ID card will be mailed after your application is approved. You may print a temporary card to get you started.

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